WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is giving you the chance to unleash your fangs and seek revenge with real bite by naming a snake after your ex in time for Valentine’s Day this year.

brown snake Sydney zoo

Cement his or her ‘snaky status’

Is your ex a snake? If so, now is your opportunity to cement their ‘snaky status’ by naming a brown snake (one of the world’s most venomous snakes) after them at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo in Darling Harbour.

For your opportunity to name the snake after your ex, head to: www.wildlifesydney.com.au and provide your ex’s name and the reason why they deserve to have a snake named after them along with a $1 donation that will go towards the WILD LIFE Conservation Fund.

Not only will you know that your ex has a snake named after them, but you will also receive a certificate and the opportunity to visit the snake for FREE every day for the next year. All donations will go towards the WILD LIFE Conservation Fund – a fund dedicated to conserving Australian native wildlife by funding research and conducting educational programs and events. Through these actions the zoo aims to give people an understanding of their place in the natural world and their need for individual and collective action for a sustainable future.

Also win an annual pass

Mark Connolly, General Manager at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo says: “We hope that by providing someone unlucky in love the opportunity to name WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo’s very own brown snake after their ex, we can give them something else to celebrate on Valentine’s Day this year. We’re also throwing in an annual pass to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, so that you can also visit the snake in Darling Harbour as many times as you want during the next year.”

The reptile team will select the winning name, which will be announced on Valentine’s Day. For your opportunity to name the snake after your ex, find out more here.

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