Norway Yvonne Verstandig LUXURY MUSE
October 17, 2018

Travel My Way To Norway for a luxury adventure

If ever you were going to travel to Norway, it's best advised to 'Travel My Way To Norway' with Yvonne Verstandig
October 12, 2018

Tapping into the essence of Bali luxury Alila style

Tanya Wick discovers two stunning Alila resorts that tap into the essence of Bali luxury
August 8, 2018

Inca brilliance, coca leaves and the colours of Peru

Man, nature and culture combine in Peru for an assault on the senses with a splash of Belmond magic
The Insider
May 30, 2018

A bit of bling and beyond in beautiful Dubai

Totem Group's Tanya Wick discovers some bling & goes beyond the bling in Dubai, & says there are great options for groups, conferences & incentive trips.
February 9, 2018

India from the heart & the Dabbawala difference

Taj Mahal, yoga & spicy curry are front of mind when we think of India but Gary Reichenberg ventures off the yellow brick road in describing his experience.
On The Fly
October 5, 2017

Cruising, wellness on trend at Luxperience

What's hot in the world of luxury travel? Scott Podmore goes cruising around Luxperience in Sydney for the answers
Connection Reflection
September 2, 2017

Epic adventures and the power of one

From epic ocean journeys to crossing the Antarctic, Australian adventurer James Castrission reveals how the Power of One conquers all
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August 13, 2017

Business travel and identifying the real costs

Hot Springs, mountain eco tours and diverse cultural experiences are promised with 5 new Marriott Hotels in Japan.
The Futurist
May 18, 2017

An appy place for the business travel world

Travel technology is on a J-curve. One minute you’re reading a travel guide, the next you’ve donned some Virtual Reality goggles researching that very destination you wish to explore in…
The Insider
May 18, 2017

The ‘Big Easy’ for conferences and groups in New Orleans

New Orleans stands out as one of the most authentic cities on the planet with its distinctive heritage, customs, restaurants, bars and so much more.
The Luxury Muse
May 18, 2017

Private island paradises found

“… the bonus of making a new friend spontaneously takes a travel experience to a whole new level
Connection Reflection
March 18, 2017

Poolside chats to Windy City wonders in Chicago

Gary Reichenberg explains how a poolside chat in Hawaii spawned a friendship that is creating lifelong travel memories.