Debra Eustice has seen her fair share of luxury hotels as one of the A-team at leading luxury travel design agency Executive Edge Travel and says Mykonos will forever hold a special place in her heart after a recent visit. With loads of white buildings, red or blue doors and Greek flags galore providing the platform for spectacular Mediterranean views, Debra walks us through the luxurious Myconian Collection, a family owned leading luxury hotel group in Mykonos. If ever Greece was the word, this is it.

Myconian Hotels Greece

“It’s (Mykonos) just like the traditional postcards that you see, or one of the scenes from Mamma Mia! … small winding roads, motor bikes flying around the bends, cobblestone streets in Mykonos Town, amazing views of pristine blue Mediterranean waters, luxury yachts and cruise ships anchored for the day” ~ Debra Eustice (Executive Edge Travel)

How was the Qatar Airways experience?

Return flights to Mykonos were arranged with Qatar Airways. The economy class long haul trip to Doha offered some great inflight entertainment choices, while the flight from Doha to Mykonos was another step up with great food and service. I was lucky to fly Business Class on the long haul, Doha to Sydney, which was wonderful.  Excellent service, very attentive cabin crew, great amenities kit, pyjamas, and dining on demand. The Business Class bar offers full bar service and snacks, and the flat bed is very comfortable.

The great option and point of difference is that you can fly one stop from Melbourne or Sydney to Mykonos via Doha without having to transit in Athens.

Flying time to Doha is 14.30 hours, with a 3 hour transit in Doha then close to 5 hours Doha to Mykonos. Arrival time into Mykonos is 1pm, clearing Immigration and Customs is a breeze, meaning you can be at your hotel within an hour of touching down. Just brilliant!


What makes Mykonos so special?

Mykonos is different to anywhere else in the world and it’s a lot to do with the unique heritage that exists. It is law that all housing is kept white, square and with a maximum two floors in Mykonos. Doors can only be painted blue or red and many properties display a Greek flag in their yard.

I was surprised how barren parts were and the lack of greenery: not a front yard lawn or garden to be seen.

Fellow travellers with me on the trip said nothing had changed since they had visited 30 years ago. Interestingly, in 2018 there are still only 31 taxis (and no Ubers) on the whole of Mykonos.

It’s just like the postcards that you see or a scene from Mamma Mia! … small winding roads, motor bikes flying around the bends, cobblestone streets in Mykonos Town, amazing views of pristine blue Mediterranean waters, luxury yachts and cruise ships anchored for the day.

The food is wonderful, so fresh, and the colours are so vivid.  The people are so friendly and proud of their heritage.


The Myconian Collection includes the magnificent Utopia, ideal for those seeking privacy with stunning views.

Keeping it in the family

The Myconian Collection is a family owned business (a father and four sons) that began in 1979. A combination of luxury accommodation and hospitality with a focus on authentic character and natural beauty with a total of nine hotels in the collection with a 10th being built as we speak.

After staying at Utopia and visiting the eight other properties in the brand, it was very evident to me that being family owned meant each hotel was like a member of their own family.

All nine hotels were quite different in style and décor, however you could feel the same ambience and belonging at each property.  The service experienced at all properties was extremely high, all staff were friendly, professional and welcoming. I felt very much at home from the minute I arrived.


Sheer luxury is a given at the Myconian Collection Villas: “opulent and indulgent”, according to Debra.

In short: describe each property?

Korali: Casual yet chic with an amazing fine dining restaurant called “Baos”.

Ambassador: Contemporary design, great pool with views, a brief walk to the beach.

Utopia: For those seeking more privacy, stunning views, a lot of natural woodwork.

Kyma: Hip and for the beautiful people, a great feel.

Villa Collection: Opulent and indulgent, catering to discerning guests.

Naia: Adults only with 18 rooms, perfect for a totally relaxing stay.

Avaton: Funky and fun, happening, and with a party vibe.

Imperial: Quirky with the most amazing cushions scattered around the hotel; we all wanted one!

The Myconian Collection’s majestic Imperial is “quirky with the most amazing cushions scattered around the hotel”.

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