There are many travel program incentives for businesses looking for an edge with their corporate travel spend each year, but not many can match the benefits of a Qantas Business Rewards program. TDL spends some time with Qantas Marketing Manager Rachael Power to find out exactly why SME business owners are loving the incentives such a rewards programs brings to both businesses and their employees. We also showcase a business, Employment Hero, who explain how it works so well for them.

Qantas Business Rewards

Q: Hi Rachael, can you tell us exactly what Qantas Business Rewards is all about?

Sure. The Qantas Business Rewards Program is a great opportunity for business owners to earn Qantas Points for their business, streamline their business travel management, and at the same time get access to exclusive member savings on Qantas flights.

Who is eligible to join Qantas Business Rewards?

Whether you’re a sole trader or growing enterprise, travel a little or a lot, Qantas Business Rewards is for all Australian businesses. You just need a GST-registered ABN to join and you can start earning points and save on flights right away.

In a nutshell, how does the program work?

It’s quite straight forward. Members earn rewards and savings from their everyday business expenses. They can earn Qantas Points on flights and turn other business expenses into Qantas Points when spending with any of our 50+ partners across a broad range of products and services including fuel, hotels, car hire, leasing, office supplies, financial services and more. Those points are then transferred into any individual Qantas Frequent Flyer account to be redeemed  on flights, upgrades and more. It’s a win-win for everyone.

What would you say are the key benefits of the program? The real drawcards for a business?

Businesses earn points on flights on top of the points and Status Credits their travellers would normally earn as a Qantas Frequent Flyer member. Savings from the program are immediate, as you’ll instantly have access to a 5% discount on eligible airfares without any minimum spend required. The more you spend and fly, the more you save, with discounts rising to 8% on eligible airfares, plus a 20% discount on Qantas Club memberships, businesses can also earn points on everyday business expenses.

You can use the point’s calculator to see how many Qantas Points* your business could earn in a year.

So when flying, they can earn Qantas Points twice, is that right?

Yes, exactly. Once for your business and once for the traveller – for the same flight. You just need to include your ABN and Frequent Flyer number in the booking. You can earn points from the very first flight and the more you fly, the more you earn, so there are greater savings on flights and extra points offered at each of the 3 membership levels.

Which flights is this available for?

As a Qantas Business Rewards member you can access exclusive member savings on eligible Qantas domestic flights as well as select international flights beyond the Qantas-operated network with over 30 airline partners.

Okay, so just how much are the savings for a business?

The more you fly, the more you save, with discounts rising from 5% to 8% on eligible airfares, plus a 2% discount on selected Red e-Deals. It really is terrific value.

Qantas Business Rewards CT Connections

When purchasing through the Qantas Program Partners, does this mean a business can boost their points balance?

Yes, businesses can turn business expenses into Qantas Points when spending with any of our 50+ partners across a broad range of products and services including fuel, hotels, car hire, leasing, office supplies, financial services and more. They just need to remember to provide an ABN when purchasing with partners and let them know they’re a Qantas Business Rewards member.

Tell us a little more about transferring and redeeming points.

Points earned by a business are stored in a Qantas Business Rewards account. Once you’ve built your points balance to 3,000 points, you can transfer Qantas Points earned for the business into any Qantas Frequent Flyer account, so that you can reward yourself or your team. Those points can then be redeemed for upgrades, flights or over 7000 items from the online Qantas store.

Are there any other benefits for the employees of the business who engage in the Qantas Business Rewards?

Absolutely. Firstly, every traveller continues to earn their own Qantas Points and Status Credits for their journey like they normally would. So there’s no trade off. Plus they’re eligible for a 20% discount on Qantas Club memberships  so they can enjoy lounge access, fast tracked check-in, and increased checked baggage allowance.

Is there a way your QBR customers see additional value from the program?

Members can see additional value from the program by taking advantage of campaigns and offers when they are in the market. To see the Program Partner offers people can visit to view the current Program Partner offers in the market.

Rachael, thanks for your time.

Thank you very much for having me.

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